IC packages

IC development is not only a story about silicon and how to design it. The package of an IC is also an important part of the final component and requires dedicated expertise. What is meant with IC packaging? It is basically the black plastic around the die of silicon and the (numerous) leadframe pins that attach it on a PCB.

Is management by emails really "so nineties" ?

The reality under this provocative title is the belief that things get done because you sent an email: "you were aware of it, I sent an email on the subject".

The real reality is that emails are just like any other communication means: a good followup is necessary to get things really done. People use excel table or OneNote or notebooks to track actions; what is presented here is a simple method to follow up actions within your project or even your personal tasks.

La Bible de l'Amiga

Since a few years, I was looking for an old French book related to the Amiga 500: "La Bible de l'Amiga". Amiga 500 is one of the most myhtical computer of the 90's. One on which I spent hours of gmaing and programming. The Bible gives an excellent description of the hardware and the programmer's model.