The Benefits Of FD-SOI - White paper by M.Cornero/A.Anyuru

In this article Marco Cornero and Andreas Anyuru illustrate and compare the main technological options available in multiprocessing for mobile platforms, highlighting the synergies between multiprocessing and the disruptive FD-SOI silicon technology used in the ST-Ericsson products. They show that compared to personal computers (PCs), the performance of single-processors in mobile platforms is still growing and how, from a software performance perspective, it is more profitable today to focus on faster dual-core rather than slower quad-core processors.

Marco Cornero and Andreas Anyuru also demonstrate how FD-SOI benefits dual-core processors even more by providing higher frequency for the same power consumption, together with a wider range of energy efficient operating modes. All of this results in a simpler, cheaper and more effective solution than competing homogeneous and heterogeneous quad-processors.

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Update 2014-5-15: ST teams up with Samsung to bring FD-SOI to mass production